Ankara Social Entrepreneurship Platform (Sosyal Girişim Ankara, SGA) was established to bring actors of social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ankara together, support establishment of new social enterprises and develop the existing ones. Therefore, the work of SGA focuses on raising awareness about social entrepreneurship as well as contributing to the formation of legal framework and financial support mechanisms.

SGA was established under the coordination of Ankara Development Agency in cooperation with TED University Center for Social Innovation-Istasyon TEDU and Social Sciences University of Ankara. It will grow with the participation of relevant public institutions, non-governmental organizations, universities, incubators and social entrepreneurs.

SGA aims to be an easily accessible source of information for those who want to have knowledge about social entrepreneurship, to create a variety of tools to support social enterprises and potential social entrepreneurs, and to strengthen the social entrepreneurship ecosystem by increasing interaction among the actors.

With a population of more than 1 million young people, Ankara offers high-quality education in 21 universities. 26% of people living in Ankara have at least a bachelor's degree; which is the highest rate in Turkey. Moreover, in Ankara, civic participation is developing with 10,751 active associations, 819 new charitable foundations and independent platforms.

The service sector is the biggest component of the economy in Ankara, which has the highest per capita income of the country. With 6 active technology development zones, business incubators and technology transfer offices, it provides a convenient environment for social innovation and social entrepreneurship. In this framework, the number of non-profit cooperatives, which prioritize creating social impact over generating profit, has started to increase among 438 cooperatives in Ankara

In addition to these, Ankara is home to the decision makers and policy makers as the capital of Turkey, which further contributes to the positive environment for the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation ecosystem. This situation, at the same time, provides the opportunity for Ankara to take a facilitating and leading role for innovation in the public sector. Because of the fact that strong interaction among relevant actors is key to the development of social entrepreneurship and social innovation, SGA follows a strategy based on enhancing the ecosystem in all its activities. An ecosystem is an environment in which people, institutions and systems interact, and the functions and behaviours of all actors have an impact on the value to be created. From this point of view, it is important for each actor to comprehend its unique role as well as having a clear definition of the interaction and collaboration networks within the ecosystem, to be able to create a value that has transforming impact on the system itself.

Key actors in social innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystems can be defined under five main groups:

  • Intermediary organisations (social innovation centers, incubators, awards and competitions, networks and platforms, etc.)
  • Regulatory institutions (Ministries, relevant provincial directorates, independent public authorities, etc.)
  • Organisations providing grants and funding (Public institutions, banks, private investors, charitable foundations, etc.)
  • Education and research institutions (University and research centers, training centers, etc.)
  • Social entrepreneurs